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From your readings in this unit, it is easy to see how there are isolated cases of successful training experiences. Some companies are ahead of the curve, while some are just catching up. For this assignment you will select two companies in the industry you have used for your past assignments. You will select one company that you think has a successful program for developing leaders and one that you believe is not successful with its leadership development.

Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

Step 1: Select two companies.

How should you find these companies?

Go to one of the publications that specializes in innovative thinking, like Fast Company.  Fast Company is known for covering socially responsible organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations in the same view as the for-profit world.

Would you like to try another alternative? Search Hoover’s Company Records for the best or worst lists for a company in your industry. Then do a search to discover how the companies made the best or worst lists.

Step 2: Research internal information on the question, “Is this a global learning organization?”

Most large corporations have a section in their corporate Web sites titled “Corporate Communications,” “Careers,” or “Annual Report.” If the annual report is easy to find, read the CEO’s letter. Is there anything in it that speaks of the company’s commitment to a global leadership team or a learning organization, a global team? See step 3.

Another tool is to read the list of officers of the company and the names of board members. Is there a chief learning officer? Is the HR executive listed as one of the top people in the company? Is the chief learning officer or HR executive on the board of directors? Are any educators on the board of directors?

Step 3: Research current news on the companies.

Conduct an Internet search for news articles on the companies you selected:

  • Search using each company’s name and any language from the annual reports that you think is particularly important.
  • Instead of doing a general Web search, look for a news category in your search engine.

Look for news by searching for the chief learning officer’s name, if your selected companies have a chief learning officer. Research the HR director’s name. Where has he or she appeared recently? What speeches has he or she given? Those speeches may be an indicator of what is happening in the company.

Step 4: Compile your research into a comparison paper.

Your paper should cover the answers to four main questions:

  • Is there any evidence of a program or strategy for learning?
  • Is there evidence of commitment from the leadership team?
  • Is there any evidence of success or failure in the program?
  • What policies or programs are missing, and what programs would you recommend should be added?

Document your evidence and include references from your research using APA 6th edition style and formatting. This paper should be no more than two pages of text and one page listing your references. Once you are finished with the assignment, submit it in the assignment area. Refer to the Companies as Learning Organizations Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the criteria for the assignment.


One of the companies needs to be Nike, and in particular “girl effect” but the other can be any type of home improvement store; Home Depot Menards….

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