Death and Dying

  • No single word responses (at least 50+ words in each response)
  • Give the questions some thought and answer honestly.
  • Give examples if you have them
  • Cite resources
  • Number your answers to correspond with the question
  • Worth 12 points / 5%


  1. Describe the location, age, and reasons most people in the United States die today. Use and cite resources.
  2. What are advances in medical technology that impact chronic illnesses and ultimately dying? Give examples.
  3. In your opinion, what is the difference between death and dying? Give examples.
  4. Identify characteristics of what a good death might be for yourself. Include characteristics that are related to your culture. 
  5. What age do you wish to live to and why? 
  6. I do not wish to die before, but I do wish to die before…Support your answer.

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