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week 4 QNT 561


This is the assignment that you did.  I need it for two variables.  One variable is the number of visits to Starbucks to purchase coffee daily and weekly.


The other variable is for the types of blends that Starbucks offer its customers.



week 4 QNT 561

Create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with the two variables from your learning team’s dataset.

Analyze the data with MegaStat®, StatCrunch®, Microsoft® Excel®or other statistical tool(s), including:

(a) Descriptive stats for each numeric variable
(b) Histogram for each numeric variable
(c) Bar chart for each attribute (non numeric) variable
(d) Scatter plot if the data contains two numeric variables

Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.

(a) For normally distributed data use the mean and standard deviation.
(b) For significantly skewed data use the median and interquartile range.

Use the Individual Methodology Findings Template to complete the descriptive statistics.

Use the Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation Example to develop an interpretation of the descriptive statistics.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit both the spreadsheet and the completed Individual Methodology Findings Template.




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