Develop a scenario of a school aged student who has mental retardation or autism

Develop a scenario of a school aged student who has mental retardation or autism who would be included in your regular education classroom.  Describe the student, grade level and type of classroom.  Identify three annual goals and appropriate benchmarks for this student that would be appropriate for his or her IEP based on the information included in your scenario.  Provide specific information related to how you plan to measure the student’s progress toward the three annual goals and benchmarks that you have identified.  Your scenario should include examples of the appropriate types of assessments that you will use as you measure the student’s progress. 



Read the following article on Determining Measurable Annual Goals in an IEP   This article provides information on ways that students with disabilities can demonstrate that they are making progress.  This article  begins with an explanation of the IEP and includes sample IEP goals and objectives as well as how they will be evaluated.


Read the document Response to Intervention Overview his guide was written for parents but contains a great summary of what everyone needs to know about the special education process.

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