Read the article attached and then write a response mini-essay of at least 200 to 300 words on the discussion topic identified below. Take a position and defend it. (Specify a thesis and support it very briefly with evidence)

The response essay should provide one example from the contemporary world to support your

Position. Ideally you have a source reference for your example. Refer to any material which is neither common knowledge nor personal experience. Essay should be typed using APA style feature with a title page and list of references if any are used. References page if any used.



Article: (Attached)


Lee Aschcraft, Karen; Mumby, Dennis K.(2004).Organizing a critical communicology of gender and work. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Vol. 2004 Issue 166, p19-43.




1. Evoking gender through communication

Who we are as women and men is the product of many communication events that build upon our biological substrate. We feel normal, not constructed, but years of exposure to our language and concepts is what has led us to feel “normal” in the way we enact our very personal gender identity. Reflecting that this gender construction is normally hidden from us, look at the world around you, then at your dress, hair, speech, and behaviour. How much of those gender components only make sense because of the culture around you? How are those norms communicated to you? If you wanted to behave differently than your social gender expectations, how would you communicate that difference? What would happen to you? What does that suggest about communication and personal identity?



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