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I need all of these questions answered. does not need to be in paragrh form. just answers



Everything for how to produce and question 7-13 on whom to produce to be answered.

I need as much info as posisble but in economics and simple language.

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After, I will recieve all of the other questions answers and i will need a paper written up about everything. our topic is uber. Tell me if you can do this:)



Econ 106-013: Final Research Project


Your team has been chosen to provide economic analysis about one of the companies below. The type of analysis can be found in the Report Outline section of this document.


  1. (Chipotle Mexican Grill)

  2. (Samsung Electronics)

  3. (Lululemon Athletica Inc. – yoga and fitness apparel)

  4. (Caterpillar Inc. – construction and mining equipment)

  5. (Uber B.V. – transportation provider)

  6. (transportation provider)

  7. (SodaStream International Ltd. – home beverage carbonation)

  8. (Netflix, Inc. – internet television network)

  9. (Zipcar, Inc. – car sharing network)

  10. (Vacation rentals)

Written Report

Each student will prepare his/her own written report covering as much of the information in the Report Outline (back) as possible. Do your own work. Write using your own words. Do not copy or plagiarize text. Your report should be no less than five pages and no more than ten pages of text double spaced (not counting pictures, charts, graphs, graphics, bibliography, etc.) Your written report should have a bibliography at the end that includes at least three sources (including your own primary research). 12-point Times New Roman font. One-inch margins. Number the pages, bottom right. Prepare a cover worthy of presenting to your client. If your group report includes a PowerPoint or other media presentation, obtain a copy and include it with your written report.

Oral Partner Presentations

The oral presentation will be done together with your partner. As a team, you should present what you think are the most interesting and informative aspects of the economics surrounding your company. Be creative. Consider using appropriate dress, visual aids, audiovisual resources, etc. The presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Both members of the group must participate in the presentation.

You will be graded on the following:

  1. How well the basic principles of microeconomics are presented

  2. Whether the microeconomic principles are presented through both proper descriptions

    and the use of economic modeling tools (graphs/tables/equations/etc.)

  3. How informative and interesting the paper and presentations are

  4. How polished and impressive the report and presentation are and how well you followed

    the requirements given above.

Econ 106-013: Final Research Project

Report Outline

This is an economics assignment (not a business class project). As such the report is expected to have a heavy amount of economic content in both word choice and the use of modeling techniques. It is highly recommended that the student goes through each chapter of the text and makes an effort to apply as many principles as possible to the company in question.

Each company will have different principles that will be directly relevant. It is anticipated that the student shows creativity in applying the correct principles to their assigned company. However, as we are focusing on producers, all companies will have to answer the basic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce. The following list of questions is intended only as a starting guide for an understanding of the company’s response to these questions. It is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list of content for the project.

What to Produce? (Product market. Stock market.)

  •   What product will you focus on (choose one primary product if the company is large and makes several)?

  •   Formal name of the company that manufactures/provides the product/service

  •   How the company is organized (description of legal status [i.e., publicly-owned

    corporation], ownership and management). If a publicly-owned company, provide the name of the stock, share value, where it is traded, and how the stock has performed since 2005 (or when the company became publicly traded if after 2005).

  •   Where is the company headquartered and why?

  •   What is the history of the company (provide economic analysis as to what occurred to

    allow the company to come into existence)?

  •   What are the company’s other products?

    How to Produce? (What scarce resources are being used? Factors of production. Factor markets. Supply. Government intervention. Externalities.)

  •   For the product/service you are focusing on, what are its main inputs?

  •   What are the sources for those inputs?

  •   Additional product inputs (wrappers, packaging, websites, branding, etc.)

  •   Where is the product/service manufactured?

  •   Describe the fixed assets: equipment, land, buildings, vehicles

  •   Describe the manufacturing process

  •   Number and type of employees of the company (overall)

  •   How much of the product/service does the company produce/provide each year?

  •   What laws and government regulation affect the product/service (patents, trademarks,

    regulations, subsidies, tariffs, licensing, taxes, etc.)

  •   Does the production/provision of the product/service create any undesirable externalities?


Econ 106-013: Final Research Project

For Whom to Produce? (Market structure. Barriers to entry. What kinds of goods. Demand.)

  •   Who and where are the primary customers?

  •   How does the company market to its customers?

  •   What is the nature of the marketplace? How competitive is it? Who are the major

    competitors? What are the barriers to entering the market? How did this company

    succeed in getting through the barriers?

  •   How does the company position its products/services in the marketplace?

  •   Is the product/service a normal or inferior good?

  •   Is it a complementary good or a substitute good?

  •   What other products/services/industries does this product/service rely on?

  •   What might be compliments or substitutes for this product/service?

  •   How are the products/services distributed?

  •   Is there seasonality to demand?

  •   What happens to demand when there are major changes in the economy? How does this

    relate to the stock price (does it?)?

  •   Annual revenues and profitability (for private companies this must be estimated


  •   What are the outlooks for the future? What should the company to do continue to innovate? What demand/supply shocks could reasonably happen and how should the company prepare to respond or stay ahead of such shocks? 

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