English research

i have an assignment due 27 hours it is basically an english research.

instructions are in the attachments. 

Please read Writing Research Papers chapter 11: Blending Reference Materials into Your Writing by Using MLA Style.



  • Secondary sources are used to back up the arguments that you make. So if you claim that eating only 2 servings of vegetables a day is necessary to be healthy, you need to have some proof to back it up. Maybe you find a great article to support your claim. It is filled with statistics and quotes that you would love to work into your paper. But how do you do it? Chapter 11 has the answers! This chapter will cover how to incorporate sources in a variety of ways in a variety of circumstances. Read carefully as complying with the rules set forth in this chapter will not only lead to a stronger paper, it will lead to a paper documented correctly, which means you are not in danger of unintentionally plagiarising. Once done with this chapter, review chapter 6 in Dialogues as that text presents a different way of looking at secondary sources. The article presented in that chapter, which you will read and write about for your Rhetorical Analysis this week, shows how to effectively incorporate sources. 

  • Review chapter 6 in the Dialogues text. Read the sample argument on pages 182 – 185. In a few short paragraphs (totalling no more than 1 1/2 pages in Times New Roman, size 12 font, 1″ margins, double spaced), please respond to question 4 on page 186.

please see attachment 

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