Expatriate Pay

Evaluate the following methods for establishing base pay in international assignments: home country-based pay, headquarters-based pay, and host country-based pay. Include within your discussion the strengths and weaknesses of each method and factors that should be considered when determining the appropriate international pay strategy. How should organizations balance host-country income tax differentials? How do compensation plans affect employees’ willingness to accept foreign assignments?


Additional Readings


  1. Read the following chapters in your text, Strategic Compensation:
    • Chapter 14: Compensating Expatriates
    • Chapter 15: Pay and Benefits Outside the United States


Recommended Readings

  1. Read the following journal articles for further insight into this week’s topics:
    • Shelton, T. (2008, December). Managing compensation for an expatriate workforce. Executive’s Tax & Management Report, 71(12), 6-7. Retrieved from the Proquest database.
    • Sims, R.H., & Schraeder, M.. (2005). Expatriate compensation: An exploratory review of salient contextual factors and common practices. Career Development International, 10(2), 98-108. Retrieved from the Proquest database.
    • Westerman, J.W., Beekun, R.I., Daly, J., & Vanka, S. (2009). Personality and national culture: Predictors of compensation strategy preferences in the United States of America and India. Management Research News, 32(8), 767-781. Retrieved from the Proquest database.
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