Read the article below and write a 250-word peer response to the article below. Your response can either agree/support or disagree with the article below. Provide 1 or 2 References (if possible).

This peer response is due by midnight.


Change in Strategy: Apple

A company that I feel has changed its strategy and succeeded would be Apple Inc., We understand that the CEO that was when the company first started, is not the CEO of Apple Inc., that skyrocketed the corporation to where it is today. The innovations, technological improvements, and stamina of Apple Inc. are felt by society today as we speak. How does the founder of a computer company get fired from his position, and then later in life regain his position? No wonder Apple Inc,. is such an outstanding example of the first a trillion-dollar company within the United States (Surowiecki, 2013). This corporation has gone from selling personal computers in the home to causing a surge, and storm of technology introducing ground-breaking products that attract the public by the masses. As a result, it has become one of the most respected American corporations of its time with 15 years of innovation (Emulate Apple, 2012). I believe whole-heartedly that once Steve Jobs was hired as the repeat CEO in 1997 (Professional Services Close-Up, 2012) that the corporation’s strategy changed immediately. The corporation was no longer going to be conducting itself, and producing products that were expected like its counterparts IBM, Microsoft, and Dell but instead it intended on breakthrough to a totally new market, while using its foundation of the computer to carry on its reputation of innovation. It is clear that Apple Inc. had a strategy in the 1980s and that was to build its market, and customer-base and they did just that with 5-14 year olds at school. As these children grew up into adults Apple was able to use its brand recognition in order to attract its now more mature customer base towards newer, and innovative products. 



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