For Teacher (IN_THE_MIDDLE_OF_THE_NIGHT) Human Resource Power Point Presentation due 12/14/12

Due 12/14/12 by 9 am


This submission represents a summary of the written proposal you submitted (T Mobile) in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Create the presentation using the following guidelines:

  • Audience: Company stakeholders.
  • Length: 12–16 slides. 14 slides is enough
  • Resources: Use APA formatting to give credit to your sources in a reference list on last slide(s) and also in-text.
  • Complexity: Do not get hung up on adding graphics, audio, or video. This should be a summary of your proposal that highlights the key points.
  • Elements: Introduction, Recommendations, Conclusion.
  • Submission: PowerPoint must be submitted to discussion area AND to the assignment area. Credit will not be awarded unless PowerPoint is submitted to both areas.

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