Law Social Science project needing Corrections must have reseach exp (must have excellent reviews)

Each of the correction from my professor are below each and every one needs to be fixed.  An example of the project has been provided and the langauge of the project needs to be adjusted to college level.


1.  variables..gender, race, age, that order..variables are in order by importance..that’s the order as for the others..doesn’t matter..

2.  then your questions go in the same order and same for your hypotheses and the same for your data tables…

3.  questions relate your independent variable back to your goal statement..what gender becomes delinquent more often..use the same question for all your variables..these are not questionnaire questions..they are questions that relate your variable back to the goal only

4.  part I should not have any hypotheses on the same page

5. each section gets its own page

6.  sampling procedure needs babbie statement

7.  cover letter a street address and the name of the person you would send it to

8. use all block format for your letter…leave four spaces so you can sign your name

9. questions on the questionnaire must relate to your variables and hypotheses

10.  what is the journal name of the article you used..follow my example for the first paragraph..requirements are two academic journal briefs and each brief must be 2-3 pages in length including citations and tell me how it relates to your project

11.  articles must be on separate pages.

12. each data table must be on a separate page ..follow my example

13.  the Babbie statement goes on the bottom of the sampling procedure not at the end of the data table

14.  keep your problems encountered on a separate page

revise and resubmit for another review

15.  questions..spell the word offense correctly.  No sense in losing one point for each misspelled word

16. part’s hypotheses..more than one

17  spell delinquency correctly too

18  don’t split a hypothesis and theory..move it all together to the next page.

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