Writing on topics of racial and ethnic interaction

(five topics; five points each for a total of 25 points (2-3 pages on each selected topic/activity)

The primary goal of these assignments is to research and to provide an opportunity for you to talk to and interact with people of other races and ethnicities and know them at interpersonal level (contact hypothesis). This probably is one of the best approaches one can have in understanding people of other races and ethnicities and to help you become an effective interracial and interethnic communicator. You may choose anybody to talk to – your colleague at work, a classmate or someone in the campus or in the community so long as the person(s) is from a different race or ethnicity other than your own. Do some research on the topic or activity and the race and ethnicity before you embark on completing these assignments.

Given below is a list of suggested activities and topics you may involve yourself in to enable you to meet and interact with people of other races and ethnicities. Feel free to come up with other topics and/or activities of your choice, but make sure you get it approved by your instructor. I assure you that I will respond to you within 24-48 hours. 


Visit a place of worship – it could be a church congregation, a Hindu temple, a synagogue, or a mosque. For example, it you a Caucasian (white), you may choose a congregation of a predominantly African-American or Hispanic church. Or, if you are a Christian, visit a place of worship of a faith other than your own. Observe, talk to people and write.

Visit a restaurant – a typically ethnic restaurant (not a fast food franchise), try tasting the ethnic food and talk to people to get a sense of their food and eating habits. There are plenty of such restaurants in Houston.

Visit a family – In you are of Hispanic origin, visit an African-American family or Caucasian or other ethnicity or of national origin. Talk to them of their lifestyle, family structure, religious practices, etc.  

Topics: Meet, talk to and interact with someone who is of a race and/or ethnic origin other than your own.    

Dating and Marriage

Food and eating habits

Dress and ornaments

Family structure

Gender roles

Rituals and festivals

Select a different race and/or ethnicity for each of the topics or activities you select so that at the conclusion of this class, you will have an opportunity to study and understand at least five different races or ethnicities, their practices and their communication behaviors.

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