Pioneer in Surgery Paper

Course:  Surgical Tech (ST115)



Assignment Title:  Pioneer in Surgery Paper




Prepare a three to fur page (3 – 4 pages does not include reference and title page) paper related to the field of surgical technology. Paper must include 5 references from different sources (books, journals, internet, articles, interviews, etc.).  Relate your paper to the contributions of the surgical field.  Pick a topic idea:


My chosen research topic idea is:  History of Surgery


In your chosen topic cover ALL the followings areas:

·      Pick one particular pioneer as a contributor to the History of Surgery

·      Discuss the pioneer contributions/s to the surgical arena or the impact they had in improving the development of the surgical field.

·      Background or history of the pioneer

·      Discuss why and how this impacts the role of a surgical technologist

·      Explain the contributions that you will make to impact this profession as a Surgical Technologist


Assignment should follow APA style format

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