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Option #2 Product Life Cycle Presentation


Review the Chapter 9 material and activity on the PLC.

Create a 6 – 10 slide Powerpoint presentation that covers the following criteria

  • A cover slide
  • A slide that sets the theme and goals of the presentation.
  • Introduces the concept and defines its use in marketing
  • A slide for each of the 4 stages of the PLC that describes the stage and analyzes the implications that stage may have on product, price, place, and promotion, competition, and profit.  Use examples from your research to illustrate.
  • Discuss the importance of the PLC to marketing managers and share examples of possible implications if it is not monitored
  • A summary slide to end the presentation and revisit key points.
  • A reference slide
  • Speaker’s notes are optional, but your analyses must be developed, clear, and supported.

Use at least two sources such as our text material and articles in the UOP library for your research.

Use third person perspective as you would in an APA writing assignment.

Cite all sources with in-text citations as they are being used and with a reference slide.

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