Religion Homework

As I mentioned in class last week, we’re now into the section of the class that focuses on Christianity, particularly how Christians view what it means to be human in a world created by God. The author, Rowan Williams, was the archbishop of Canterbury, which is the highest authority in the Anglican Church (the branch of Christianity that began in England with Henry VIII). In this text, he talks about Christian belief and the issue of trust in a world where people are trained to be suspicious. Don’t worry if you feel a little confused the first time through this article… I’d suggest giving it a quick read through, then go back and focus closely on the sections that these questions direct you to. 

1. Explain the difference between someone’s belief in the Loch Ness monster and the Christian’s belief in God, according to Williams.

2. You may have noticed Williams often referring to some of the “great questions” that we have returned to numerous times throughout the semester. One of these great questions, especially given the wide variety of interpretations of Scripture or the existence of other major religions like Buddhism, is this: “Why should we put our confidence in God the Father almight, maker of heaven and earth?” (p 7). Write a couple of sentences that explain how Williams answers this question on pages 7-10.

3. Williams states: “You won’t be surprised to hear that I haven’t yet found the decisive new argument that will prove once and for all that there really is a God” (p. 20) Try to explain why this doesn’t really bother Williams. Hint: consider where he thinks many people’s belief in God begins (p. 21)

4. Choose 1 of the 2 stories that he recounts in the final few pages of the article about people who “take responsibility for making God credible in the world” and briefly explain how that person did “make God credible.”

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