This Assignment Is Due Sunday May 25 at 7 pm

Individual Project: Do a Marketing Plan on this products or service.

Company Name: The Hookah-Spa

Product: Handmade organic tobacco and Hookah catering services

Note: This Company does not exist, so look it as you are trying to open a new company and needed to do a marketing plan on your business.

Note: Follow the 9 steps of Marketing Plan to do your paper.


9 Steps of Marketing Plan

7. The executive Summary:

·       Mission Statement

·        Vision Statement

·       Synopsis of Marketing Plan

·       Core Competencies

1.   The situation Analysis:

·       Internal: S.W.O.T

·       External: 5 factors analysis (Competition, Legal/Regulatory, Economic, Company Social/Political position, Technology).

·       Value Chain: Low/Best cost, Differentiation or Niche.

2.   Target Segmentation:

·       Customer Identification

3.   Positioning Strategy

·       Value Proposition, Product, Marketing Strategy

4.   Marketing Mix actions

·       4 p’s

5.   Financing/Budgeting

6.   Implement/Monitor/Control


Please see attached documents below that will be really beneficial in doing this assignment.



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