Module 1 & 2 musing


Search the web museums that house Prehistoric – Byzantine collections 22,000 -BCE-1453 CE. Conduct a “ virtual visit”. Answer these questions : What is located in each of the main galleries? Is the Art organized chronologically, thematically or stylistically? Is there one gallery that seems more important than another?


Pick one gallery/collection and write about your impressions. Be sure to cite your sources. Use the MLA format.



Module 4 musing


Research the influence of industrialization/modern technology of this period

[1800 CE – 1850 CE] and assert its role in supporting the art of women. Find a piece by a female artist that could only have been created during this time period/due to technology of this time. Feature it and conduct a formal (LFCMT) and contextual analysis of it. MUST  include works cited and in text cites that are MLA formatted.

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