“You” Attitude

The “You” Attitude. Rewrite these sentences to reflect your audience’s viewpoint.

A. Your email order cannot be processed: we request that you use the order form on our website instead

B. We insist that you always bring your credit card to the store.

C. We want to get rid of all our 15-inch LCD screens to make room in our warehouse for the new 19-, 23-, and 35-inch monitors. Thus, we are offering a 25 percent discount on all sales of 15-inch models this week.

D. If you cared about doing a good job, you would’ve made the extra effort required to learn how to use the machinery properly.

E. Your strategy presentation this morning absolutely blew me away; there’s no way we can fail with the brilliant ideas you’ve pulled together – I’m so glad you’re running the company now!

F. With all the online news sources available today, I can’t believe you didn’t know that MyTravel and Thomas Cook were in merger talks – I mean, you don’t even have to get up from your computer to learn this!

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